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New On-Page.ai Stealth Writer V6 & Stealth ReWriter are LIVE and ready to use inside. See the Stealth Writer presentation and the Stealth ReWriter keynote for more details.

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Stealth ReWriter

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Case Study Worthy Results

On-Page crawls sites like Google does, identifying the main content, sidebars, footers, headers and advertisement.

The result?

You get the most accurate recommendations you can implement within minutes.

Our superior technology translates into case-study worthy traffic results that you'll be showing off on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Warning: This may result in you receiving a lot of attention and offers for speaking gigs, podcasts, interviews.

"As an owner of a digital marketing agency, it's my job to test most software packages for site analysis. On-Page is far more intuitive to use and the data is not based on 3rd party metrics but rather, is fed directly from Google. Exporting data to copy-writers to develop page content is easy and in a format that they can understand.

This is now my GoTo software and what I rely on to deliver the best results for my clients."

Dan ODonnell

Crevand SEO Agency Owner.
Dan is a well know SEO expert and considered a rockstar in the industry.

Build A Web Empire From Your Home Office

Quickly scale your content creation efforts with our our built-in content editor.  With a 1-click sharing, you'll have your army of content creators at your finger tips.

Imagine having an endless flow of profitable pages ready for you each day.

Don't have a team yet? The real-time updates from the content editor makes optimizing pages effortless for the solo entrepreneur.

content editor

The Permanent Ranking Difference

While no one can guarantee the #1 spot forever, On-Page gets you the closest you can get to a steady, consistent reign at the top.

This is because On-Page keeps track of changes in Google’s Algorithm in real time. As long as you’re regularly running scans, you’ll always have clear instructions with exactly what to do to either gain higher rankings or defend your top position.

Whether the changes in Google are small or big, you’ll never be left out of the loop.

This is especially gratifying when you get to the top, because you know your competitors have an enormous barrier to climb, if they ever want to compete with you.

on-page tool

Enter your keyword

Enter the search term you would like to rank for on Google

Compare your page (Optional)

The tool can assess your page in comparison to the best rankings pages on Google.

Supercharge your page

You'll discover the key terms that are missing from your page, the ideal Google category for your term and the best internal links to add.

It takes seconds to get valuable insights on your most profitable keywords.

Meet the Creator of On-Page:

Eric Lancheres is one of the most respected SEO experts in the world. He has been featured as an authority at Traffic & Conversion Summit, SEO Rock Stars, and countless other interviews and podcasts.

He normally commands $1,000+ per hour rates, and has now automated his expert processes inside the On-Page.AI technology.

Be The SEO That's Ahead Of The Curve

With every core update, Google is shifting away from link-focused ranking to using deep-learning AI to ‘understand’ your content and the relevance of your pages.

The link relevancy tool helps identify your most relevant links and uncovers the ones that might be holding you back. While your competition is focused on metrics, you'll fly under the radar with more relevant links.

(This is a brand new way of doing SEO. Quick (optional) 10 minute training included inside)

Enter your links

Submit the links that are pointing to your website that you want to check.

Verify page and domain relevance

You'll receive a report highlighting your most relevant links and identify your irrelevant links.

Shape your link profile

Uncover your ratio of good vs bad links so you can perform better on Google.

Link relevance is the key to long term rankings on Google. Use On-Page.ai's AI to determine the contextual relevance of your links (just like Google) and identify weaknesses in your link profile.

Never Waste Money On Links Again

Would you like to be one of the CEO’s at an industry conference that people ask, “How did you get to the top so fast?

One of the best ways to build authority is to have relevant quality content linking back to your site. You can do this by making guest posts on high-authority sites or paying someone to do this for you. However, this only works if the content gets categorized as high quality and relevant to your niche.

Our Predictive Guest Post feature gives you a score for your content before you post it, so you can have full confidence that Google will give you the maximum boost for getting this link.


Enter your text

Copy/paste your guest post into our Predictive Guest Post feature.

Enter your target URL

Tell the tool where the link within the guest post will be pointing.

Improve your link relevance

You'll get a report predicting the relevancy of the guest post to the target page.

Predict the topical category of your posts before you publish them to build the best possible links.

Build An Authority Site That Ranks Effortlessly

There is a 95% possibility you are chasing the wrong keywords and don’t even know it!

The Topical Keyword Tool helps you verify that the keywords you’re focusing on will give you authority & relevance for your actual category.

You’ll be given suggestion so with each keyword, you get more and more authority with Google, and the traffic follows.

topical keyword

Enter your keyword

Start with any keyword to identify the category and receive topically relevant suggestions.

Add suggestions

Click to add suggestions and build a list of topically aligned keywords.

Become an authority

You'll end up with a list of topics that can help solidify you as an authority in your field.

Discover the ideal category for your keyword, uncover brand new topics and build a topically aligned website to become an authority in your field.

Sleep Well Knowing Your Site is Safe

With On-page's built in AI detection, you can scan entire websites for AI written content or use our text scanner to scan individual documents.

You'll be able to control the quantity of AI content on your website and check the validity of documents before publishing them.

ai detection

Enter a list of URLs

Copy/paste your URL list into our AI detection (experimental).

Click Submit

You'll process the list of pages.

Discover AI written documents

You'll get a report disclosing which pages are likely AI written along with a confidence score.

Control how much AI content you want on your site and validate articles before you post them.

Don't Just Match The Competition, Go Above & Beyond

While most tools will tell you what the competition is doing... few will tell you how to surpass your competition.

The Highly Related Words helps you uncover critical words that increase the page's relevance for a term... that your competitors may or may not be using.

This is a revolutionary new method to uncovering the words that Google wants to see on your page and it gives you a clear advantage over the competition.

Scan Your Keyword

You'll receive a new "Highly Related Words" report that provides you with the most important words for your term.

Surpass Your Competition

Use the list of relevant words that your competitors might not be using...  and overtake them in the search results.

The "Highly Related Words" is like looking directly into Google's brain to see what it wants.

New Auto-Optimize

On-Page's Auto-Optimizer, a revolutionary tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. With just a single click, it automatically injects related entities into your content, placing them in the most appropriate spots to make your article more relevant and attractive to Google.

before and after auto-optimize

Select Your Text

Enter any text within our content editor.

Click & Optimize

Click the words to add or add your own custom words. Auto-Optimize will meticulously insert each word in the most appropriate spot.

Auto-Optimize means I don't have to hire someone to optimize my articles.

"Love it. By far the best at providing the relevant words without the garbage the others tools put in. I had all of the others and have scraped them"

Matt Price

SEO Expert since 2010

"I'm ranking pages that previously refused to rank and seeing more traffic every day."

Corey Valdez

Founder at Zenix

"The easiest tool to use on a daily basis. While the others require many steps for a report, On-Page is a 1 click process"

Ian Klein

Digital Marketer

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