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April 18th 2024

New Ranking Features Help You Create "Amazing Content" With

Discover how you can create captivating, engaging and high ranking pages in seconds after's largest update of 2024.

We cover:

- New "Core" words that can help you surpass the competition in the SERPs

- New Speed module to help you optimize a direct Google ranking factor.

- How you can create stunning images on demand with the brand new image module. Want an article with 25 images? It's now possible!

February 5th 2024

How I Create Local SEO Content
& Get The Phone Ringing For My Clients

Unlock the secrets of local SEO success. Discover the exact settings and exclusive tricks that consistently drive fresh leads.

We cover:

- Discover a proven linking structure for local SEO

- How feed specific information about your business to the AI when it's writing an article

- Discover how to integrate unique calls-to-action for your clients within the content.

local seo

January 23rd 2024

Helpful Content Discovery &
NEW Stealth Writer

Discover the our recent findings to create Helpful Content that we used for the development of the New Stealth Writer.

We cover:

-How to create Helpful Content that Google loves (And why it's the most crucial factor for online success)

-What keeps people staying on your page (The big secret for Helpful Content)

-Get to know the New Stealth Writer and how to use it for creating Helpful Content (Downloadable PDF available)

August 31st 2023

How To Rank On Google:
All-In-One SEO Mastery

Unlock rapid ranking tricks for your site's SEO success

We cover:

- Discover the critical findings from the August Core update that you can't afford to overlook.

Learn a comprehensive ranking process, including strategies for supporting pages and building valuable links.

-Explore how internal links can either make or break your SEO efforts, and dive into the best practices for creating them while avoiding common pitfalls.

July 13th 2023

Rise Above the AI Noise:
Mastering SEO With Stealth Writer V5

Leave cookie-cutter content behind and seize the chance to shine in Google rankings.

We cover:

How Google is cracking down on cheap, low quality website.

AI content is rampant and most people think it's a problem... I see this as a huge opportunity. I'll show you my exact process to overtake cheap AI content in a saturated niche.

-The crazy 1-click optimization technique that I have been using for some of my articles

May 30th 2023

Stealth Writer V3:
Creating Content People Want To Read

Discover how we're effortlessly churning out thousands of top-tier "front page" articles that dominate the rankings like never before.

We cover:

-An effective ranking formula that has been personally tested and refined over the past decade, now adapted and improved with the new Stealth Writer V3 .

Unveiling a new content approach designed to surpass Google's top-ranked result.

-Hyper-personalizing website content for better user retention, leads, and sales.

April 28th 2023

How to Increase Your Google Ranking: Tips and Strategies

Explore essential questions and expert answers from our community on how to optimize your web pages.

We cover:

-Learn about some common issues such as keyword cannibalization (and how to avoid it)

- How you can create high-quality articles (that rank on Google quickly)

- Full SEO strategy for ranking for an extremely competitive keyword (with real life examples)

April 12th 2023

How To Auto-Optimize Articles
With A Single Click

Discover how you can optimize articles and automatically inject related entities with a single click.

We cover:

- How I add related entities and 'highly related words' to boost my articles performance on Google. (My new favorite SEO tool)

- How to use On-Page's "Auto-Optimize" feature so it does all the heavy lifting for you. (This is a huge time-saver)

- How you can add custom words to personalize the articles for your business. (Try and throw it off, you'll be impressed by how well it handles suggestions)


Jan 25th 2023

How To Quickly Produce Unlimited Content That Passes Our AI Detection

Discover how you can produce thousands and thousands of helpful articles that pass our AI detection. 

We cover:

- My personal ranking strategy that relies on creating the right supporting content that is supported by external links... (I have been using this as my main strategy for nearly a decade)

- What Google's latest research paper reveals about AI (Including what they used to detect AI in their latest research.)

- How you can produce thousands of articles that pass our AI detection. (This is a game-changer. Anyone not doing this will be left behind.)

Nov 23rd 2022

Secrets To Ranking #1 On Google

You can implement these ranking secrets without being an expert. They are simple yet incredibly effective.

We cover:

- How to write less and rank higher than ever before. An  SEO expert, jokingly remarked during the call that it was almost like "entity keyword stuffing"... (I think he's right, this is so powerful right now.)

- How to make Google trust your page over all the competitors (90% of the SEOs participating in the competition forgot about this crucial step.)

- The new ranking factor that Google is paying attention to after the "Helpful Content Update" (I believe this will only become more important in the future. Anyone not doing this will be left behind.)

- The big "power trick" to increase rankings for extremely challenging keywords (This is a new, easy way to laser-focus power onto a single page... I share the secret on the call.)

secrets to ranking #1

November 4th 2022

Rank On Google For Beginners

This is almost a standalone course in creating a page that ranks. 

We cover:

- How to optimize a page to perfection (It's really easy if you know how).

- Creating the ideal title & sub-headline for a page (simple formula)

- The one thing to avoid when optimizing a page (Get this wrong and Google will refuse to rank you for your main term)

- Why I prefer On-page over all the other software out there (key differences that make it easier for you to rank online.)

October 27th 2022

Recovery With Disavow On Google

Discover how we recovered a website's Google rankings using to build a disavow file.

We cover:

- How we recovered a website that was previous penalized by the Google Helpful Content & Product Review update. (This website had been decimated by Google and we brought it back to life)

- The exact process of building a disavow file in a few minutes using On-page. (This is a unique process that addresses Google's biggest issue with links)

- The specific formula we applied to improve the website (Quickly increase your topical authority on any subject)

If you have been affected by a recent Google update or want to stay safe moving forward, this is for you.

October 5th 2022

Easier Google Rankings

See how I'm using On-Page to rank better than ever on Google.

We cover:

- Watch a live demo showcasing On-Page's powerful AI features and how they can help you take your SEO game to the next level.

- How to build authority on Google and become the top result for your chosen keyword.

- How to make a faster workflow that saves you a lot of time while keeping the best quality. 

live training replay

August 17th 2022

New SEO Technology

Discover how to scale your business (and profits) with these new advancements.

We cover:

- The discovery I made while reading through Google patents (This new approach helps me rank for high value keywords)

- How to increase the relevance of your query so Google rewards your page over everyone else. (This is what I'm paying attention to most in 2022)

- How to leverage your competitor's hard work to help you rank (this is a huge time saver)

- My personal stash of content enhancers (I use these every time I create content I want to rank on Google)

June 22nd 2022

3 Breakthrough Advancements

Discover 3 new advancements that lead to faster Google rankings. 

We cover:

- How you can outrank all your competitors by using specific words that makes Google fall in love with you (This is like looking at the teachers answers)

- How to increase the relevance of your query so Google rewards your page over everyone else. (This is what I'm paying attention to most in 2022)

- How Google authority really works (and to quickly increase your topical authority on any subject without writing a single word)

- The big "party trick" that can save agencies hundreds of hours (I previously thought this was impossible to do)

Meet Your Host, The Creator of On-Page:

Eric Lancheres is one of the most respected SEO experts in the world. He has been featured as an authority at Traffic & Conversion Summit, SEO Rock Stars, and countless other interviews and podcasts.

He normally commands $1,000+ per hour rates, and has now automated his expert processes inside the On-Page.AI technology.

"As an owner of a digital marketing agency, it's my job to test most software packages for site analysis. On-Page is far more intuitive to use and the data is not based on 3rd party metrics but rather, is fed directly from Google. Exporting data to copy-writers to develop page content is easy and in a format that they can understand.

This is now my GoTo software and what I rely on to deliver the best results for my clients."

Dan ODonnell

Crevand SEO Agency Owner

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Can I watch the replay?

Our interactive sessions are new and not always recorded however we do have one of our best recordings here : 3 SEO Breakthroughs Replay

Is it free?

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