Google's Helpful Content Update

Full Review, Analysis and Recovery

By Eric Lancheres, SEO Researcher and Founder of

1. Helpful Content Update Important Information

Training information

- Important Information
- Release Dates
- Targets
- Rollout Impact
- Official Guidance
- Algorithm Explanation
- AI Classifier

Total Time 16:51
By Eric Lancheres

2. Helpful Content Update Charts & Data

Training information

- Charts & Interpretation
- Content Length
- Sub-Headlines (H2-H4)
- Images
- Relevance
- Entity Density

Total Time 6:01
By Eric Lancheres

3. In-Depth Analysis & Trends

Training information

- In-Depth Analysis
- #1 Short & Outdated
- #2 Non-Traditional SEO
- #3 Bad & Low Quality
- #4 Helpful Experience Site
- #5 User Generated Content
- #6 Helpful DIY
- #7 Helpful Expert
- Recurring Trends

Total Time 26:32
By Eric Lancheres

4. Theories, Experiments And Recovery

Training information

- Theory #1: Complete
- Theory #2: Hyper-Focus
- Theory #3: Metrics
- On-Going Experiments
- Recovery
- Additional Information

Total Time 28:48
By Eric Lancheres

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This project represents a significant investment—over 180 man-hours from my team and me, thousands of dollars in testing, and numerous late-night sessions.

The reason I have chosen to make this publicly available is to help as many people as possible that were unfairly targeted by the helpful content update. While I understand that some websites deserved the consequences, I also believe that some websites and webmasters were unjustly affected.

To those people, I hope that by sharing some of my work helps you.

If you run an SEO agency, I hope that some of my theories, data and tests help you better serve your clients. You can be the hero that rescues a struggling website.

If you're an SEO professional, then the data might make more informed decisions, saving you time, money and effort.

Should you feel this resources valuable, feel free to share this page within your professional network, within Facebook groups, Slack/Skype/Discord chats and forums.

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